Understanding the Pay Table

Have you played an online slot game yet? If not, there is one thing you will see on every single one of them. It’s the pay table, and while some basic three-reel games will have it positioned to one side of the game screen, many slot games have it on another screen entirely. You can usually find it by looking for a ‘pay table’ or ‘info’ button. Click on that and the pay table will appear.

Why is the pay table useful?

The pay table shows you all the information you need to be able to understand the game you are playing. You will see all the symbols in play, as well as the prize values for getting at least two or more of each symbol on an active line. You will also be able to find out about other symbols that may be of use. For example, you will see if there are wild or scatter symbols in play, what they look like and how many you need to trigger a prize or special feature. You will see whether there is a bonus round, and how to unlock it. All in all, the pay table tells you all you need to know about every aspect of the game.

Check it out before doing anything else

Some slot games are far easier to understand than others. In these instances, you might be tempted to start playing without worrying about the pay table. However, it is always a good idea to quickly look at it, even if you only spend a few seconds doing so. Additionally, you might spot a feature you weren’t aware of, so it makes sense to find out exactly what is in store for you.

Simple pay tables appear next to three-reel games

The simpler games usually have simpler pay tables too, and they often appear right next to the reels. They may have more than one column of prize amounts available as well. This is usually the case if you can choose from one, two or three coins to play on the payline. Each column will have the appropriate prize for the related symbol combination, depending on how many coins you played on that line. As you can see, the pay table holds a lot of crucial information, despite it only taking up a small space. One final point – be aware that the paytable can consist of several pages, especially for the more complex games.