Bonus Game Slots: Smart Reasons to Play Them

Gods of Luxor Slots

When you play online slots regularly, it won’t take long for you to come across a slot game with a bonus feature. Some games have several bonus features available, depending on how complex the game itself happens to be. There are many great reasons to play bonus game slots, and we’ve provided you with some of those reasons below.

It adds extra excitement

If you have a slot game that has no bonus features, there is nothing to watch out for to change the game. You will carry on spinning the reels and trying to get winning combinations, with no chance of unlocking any special features at any point. However, once a bonus round has been added, you get the excitement of knowing you could unlock that round at any point.

Bonus rounds normally mean guaranteed prizes

Most online slot games guarantee some kind of prize when you unlock the bonus round. It could be a significant prize, too, depending on how lucky you are with your selections. You’ll usually win something though, which is good news and something to look forward to.

It takes you to a different screen

Most slot games have a bonus round that is related to the main game, and yet is very different. For example, if you play a pirate-related game, you may unlock the bonus round and be taken to an island where you get to dig up some buried treasure. A time-travel game may take you into a time machine, where you travel to various locations to find prizes. You get the idea. The bonus round will be played on a second screen, and it will be associated with the main game while providing a different type of gameplay. Some bonus rounds last longer than others, but either way it provides you with something completely different to enjoy.

There are lots of them around, too

One thing you will notice is the plethora of games available today that include a bonus round. Game providers know that many people like these games, which means they tend to come up with new slots quite often. If you haven’t tried any yet, now is the time to do so. You might be surprised at how many options are available. And of course, you never know, you might win some great prizes when you do trigger the bonus level.