Download or Instant Flash Casinos

When you start visiting online casinos, you’ll soon come to realize there are two versions you will see. The first is the type where you are prompted to download the casino software. The second is the instant Flash casino, where you can play the games you want to try direct in your browser.

So that begs the question – which one is best?

In all honesty, neither is particularly better than the other. However, there are some points you might want to be aware of when it comes to considering which type of casino to try out.

Instant Flash means instant play

This is a big advantage when comparing the Flash casinos to those that require a download. If you are nervous of downloading software to your computer, it’s good to know you have another option to choose from. You can also log in and get started playing your favorite games right away.

The download version means you get access to everything

The one downside of opting for the Flash version is that not all casinos offer their full range of games via Flash. You may only be able to access them all via the software, which means you need to download it. Therefore, if you choose this option, you will be pleased to know you won’t miss out on anything.

If you do download software, you’ll only do so once

That is good news, as once you have installed it correctly you won’t have to do it on that device again. Moreover, you will get proper step-by-step instructions on how to download your software, so there is no need to worry you won’t do it correctly.

There are several casinos that offer both forms of play

It seems as if more and more casinos recognize that people want to have a choice between the two types of gameplay. As such, more and more of them are giving the choice of a download or Flash play, so players can choose without being forced into one version or another.

Which one will you choose?

As you can see, there are good reasons for choosing both methods. All that remains is to figure out which version you would prefer, and why. Once you have decided, you only need to find a casino that offers the type of play you prefer, so you can get started and enjoy some great gameplay.