How to Choose Your Favorite Slot Games

How many slot games have you played? Unless you jump on every new slot game when it comes out, the chances are there are plenty of games you have yet to try.

That means it is a good idea to consider which types of games might be among your favorites. It makes it much easier to work out which ones you would most enjoy playing. We’ve made a few suggestions here that might help you.

How many reels do you like to see?

Are you the type of player who loves the three-reel game, or do you prefer the five-reel games with plenty more action to look for? You have both options to choose from, so whether you like the simpler one-armed bandit style or the complex five-reel games, you will undoubtedly find whatever you want.

Do you like simple games or ones with bonus rounds?

Bonus rounds can be a lot of fun. They also add plenty to whatever game they appear in. They usually appear on a second screen, which means you can unlock a whole new experience if you get the relevant combination of symbols to get into the bonus round.

Some games also have other special features such as free spins, so there can be plenty to look out for if you like something a bit different.

Games with stories

Some slot games have stories that help you get more involved in the gameplay. It’s true – you can opt for something simple with cherries and bar symbols, or you can go all the way to five-reel slots that have complex storylines behind them. One spy-related slot has a number of special rounds that encourage you to look for different symbols to proceed to the next level, for example.

Are you eager to try a game with an additional jackpot in store?

We all know the odds of hitting the jackpot in any game are long. However, there is definitely an extra level of excitement in the mix when you have a progressive jackpot alongside the regular ones. Some games have more than one progressive jackpot involved, with a different trigger for each one. So you never know whether you might hit the right trigger.

With so many things to bear in mind, it is easy to see how many ways there are to find your favorite games to play when you enjoy online slots.