Wilds and Scatters: What Are They and How Do They Work?

No matter what kind of online slot games you like to play, the chances are very good you will eventually come across wilds and scatters. These are special kinds of symbols that can make your gameplay even more interesting. Let’s take a look at them below so you can see how they work and how they might enhance your gaming experience.

What are wilds?

A wild symbol is one that can stand in for most – if not all – other symbols in the game. You might also see them referred to as substitutes, but they work in the same way, regardless of the name that is used. The idea is that a wild can increase the chances of getting a winning line. For example, you may win 10 coins for three cherries on a payline. However, if you get two cherries, you could still win that prize with the addition of a wild symbol in the third position. It is often the case that a wild will double the usual prize associated with that combination. The multiplier can be even bigger in some cases where a bonus round or free spin is in play when the prize is won.

What are scatters?

A scatter symbol is just that – it can appear scattered all over the game screen. As such, you normally wouldn’t need the symbols to appear on a specific line. You could win a prize for two or three or more symbols, depending on the game, but they can appear anywhere in order to trigger the prize. Scatters can also often unlock other features. The most common of these is a free spins round. Three or more scatters will usually unlock this. in some cases, you get more free spins the more scatters you get on the reels, although this can vary. It is best to read the paytable whenever you start a new game, so you are fully aware of any special features the wilds and scatters might have. In rare cases, there could be more than one version of either. In this instance, they are likely to have different features, so be sure you know how they work. All in all, though, the wilds and scatters included in most games work very well, and provide a crucial and familiar element to all good slot games. See if you can spot them in your next game.